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Purple City

Steele Ventures is a London-based Micro VC fund focused mainly on late seed stage B2B marketplace, FinTech, and SaaS startups. We also invest outside these stages/sectors -- when we have high conviction.

Our 20+ portfolio companies have raised over $250m in follow-on funding and are valued at over $1b.

Our IRR performance since inception in 2012 places us in the top quartile of venture capital returns globally (according to Pitchbook Benchmarks).

Steele Ventures brings over 20 years of senior operating experience in the tech sector in companies large (such as Google) and small, including as founder entrepreneurs. Moreover, our unusually broad industry exposure (e.g., finance & banking, media & adtech, e-commerce, travel, property, automotive) often gives us insight into opportunities that more traditional VC firms might miss.

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