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Nearing a $500m valuation with $100m+ in revenues while still growing its subscriber base (250,000 at mid-2018) at 100% year-on-year, MyRepublic brings internet platform innovation, agility and efficiency to fixed-line and mobile telecommunications. Backed by billionaire telco disruptor Xavier Niel, MyRepublic's lean, cloud-native business model and "TelcoTech" platform have generated large, durable cost and speed-to-market advantages vs. incumbents in every market it has entered (currently Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and New Zealand). The company expects to be EBITDA positive in all markets in 2018, after which it plans to raise IPO funds to enter more Southeast Asian markets.

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AgFunder is a curated AgTech investment marketplace that has raised over $30m for its portfolio companies, both as principal and via its 50,000 registered members. Catalysed by Monsanto's ~$1b Climate Corp acquisition in 2013 and new technology's increasingly effective application to agriculture, the AgTech sector's recent high growth still faces two key structural challenges: 1) efficiently connecting capital with innovation that is very geographically dispersed and 2) educating investors on the sector opportunity. With its investment platform and industry-leading media arm AgFunder News (just Google "AgTech investing" to see), AgFunder has addressed both challenges to become a critical enabler of the global AgTech ecosystem.

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Xola’s comprehensive, enterprise-grade reservation management software elegantly solves a key challenge to continued growth of the highly fragmented $120b tours & activities sector: the easy management, discovery and distribution of real-time inventory. Known for its sleek design, user-friendliness and robust APIs (corroborated by 4.9+ average product ratings on Capterra and Getapp), Xola accelerates tour company revenue via higher cross-channel conversion (including on resellers such as Viator), while also increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Xola is deploying its $5m Series A round, led by Rakuten Travel, on product enhancements and expansion beyond the US into Asia.

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The securities lending market is inefficient, opaque and little understood. It is also the largest financial marketplace not yet disrupted by technology. In 2016 only 12% of the $17 trillion in lendable securities was actually borrowed, because the market only efficiently facilitates the largest institutional lenders and borrowers of the most liquid securities. Potential lenders are missing out on almost riskless extra yield and proprietary information, while potential borrowers are precluded from trading strategies they would gladly pay to execute. Sharegain, backed by Blumberg Capital and TargetGlobal and regulated by the UK's FCA, is well on its way to unlocking trillions in new transaction volume by democratising access to this market.

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Co-founded by banking veteran and Currency Cloud ex-founder Nigel Verdon, Railsbank's banking-as-a-platform service gives FinTech companies access to the global banking system in 5 lines of code. FinTech startups often dramatically underestimate the time, effort and cost required to integrate with a banking system that is highly risk averse due to legacy systems and the regulatory burden of know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) rules. Railsbank's simple APIs give FinTech startups vastly easier, faster and cheaper access to the banking system that is also fully compliant. With a pipeline of 700 startups and multiple banking partners already in place, the utility of Railsbank's 'lingua franca' enabler of FinTech innovation is clear.


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